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Providers Choose Onyx M.D.

Why do Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians Choose Onyx M.D.?

Onyx M.D. was founded by a board certified physician which gives us a strong understanding of the physician's perspective. With over 1,000 providers placed for over 60,000 days of coverage nationwide, Onyx M.D. has made it a mission to stop the industry standard of physician commoditization in the Healthcare Staffing Industry.  Physicians are much more than a commodity and because of our physician-to-client approach, it is no surprise that physicians are quickly realizing the agency most aligned with their best interest is Onyx M.D. 


Why would healthcare providers utilize an agency such as Onyx M.D.?

The Onyx M.D. business model would not be successful without adequate growth in physician job opportunities.  It is our key measure of success!  Because the physician workforce is near and dear to our mission, we have allocated significant resources toward maintaining exceptional job opportunity growth by our strict adherence to our Onyx M.D. E.L.I.T.E. Principles to Service.  With over 60,000 days of coverage and counting, Onyx M.D. has a robust approach to ensuring enough job opportunities nationwide in order to provide adequate optionality for the physician workforce.


Why consider working with an agency at all?

Some providers working with physician placement firms wonder why they can't strike out on their own to find temporary jobs at clinics and hospitals. It is not difficult for physicians to find their own jobs through temporary or permanent medical positions without using an agency.  However, your time is extremely valuable and we understand your commitment to keeping our nation healthy.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you!  It’s our job.  Contact us today to learn more about job opportunities and the benefits of working with Onyx M.D. now.  Free of charge!


Reasons to use Onyx M.D. to Find Locum Tenens and Permanent Job Opportunities:

Onyx M.D. has developed and established strategic relationships with hospitals, clinics, physician groups, Federal and State governments and other medical facilities in all 50 states.  Because of these strategic relationships, Onyx M.D. is able to offer adequate options in both locum tenens and permanent jobs throughout the United States.  Onyx M.D. has a dedicated client department covering the entire U.S. (United States) market with the sole focus of bringing the newest and up and coming jobs to our physician stakeholders.  We are excited about our network of affiliations with state hospital associations, U.S. (United States) regionalized focus, and our physician centric emphasis which has resulted in an exceptional client retention rate year after year!

In addition to providing adequate job opportunities nationwide, Onyx M.D will handle every detail of the placement including a fully committed operations team that encompasses the duties of malpractice insurance, all concierge travel arrangements, and ensuring privileging and licensing compliance.


See what our providers are saying at Onyx M.D.:  Provider Testimonials


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