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Permanent Jobs

Imbedded deeply in the Onyx M.D. mission, we ask this simple question:  How do we increase the probability that the right fit will occur in a job opportunity for the long haul?

 When seeking the answer to the question, Onyx M.D. has challenged the traditional approach to recruiting.  Tradition calls for a three (3) step approach while leaving out the most important objective in measuring success:  RETENTION. 

Here is the three (3) step traditional model generally used to hire healthcare providers:

1.Recruiting a physician and capturing interest

2.Interviewing process

3.Permanent agreement


However, if retention is low using this method, the plan has failed! In other words, the cost of recruiting a physician that leaves shortly after making a commitment is viewed as a retention failure. Most physicians know within their first 60 days on the job if the relationship is a long term or permanent fit.  Therefore, it makes sense to promote a working interview arrangement, so that clients can vet providers in real life situations, thereby minimizing the risk for a “poor fit." It is simply too costly to gamble.  Failure is not an option, especially in this fast, ever evolving multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry that is plagued by enormous physician shortages.

There is no better way to measure a fit than a "working interview" or a "Locum to permanent" arrangement. At Onyx M.D. we call this approach the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model for Permanent Placement.  A majority of our clients have bought into our methodology due to its high success when measuring both recruiting and retaining physicians.  The traditional model fails to measure retention.  Both recruiting and retention must be measured in order to measure success! Learn more about the Onyx M.D. XVantage Model for Permanent Placement- click here


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