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Locum to Permanent Jobs


Locum tenens to permanent jobs, or commonly shortened to “Locums-to-Perm”, are opportunities that only hire via a trial period which is commonly referred to as a working interview.  For the physician who is not certain about a choice of geographical locations, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more about a location, coworkers, and support teams before making a commitment is quite attractive and statistically much more successful in realizing a fit.  In fact, some go to various areas of the country before making a decision regarding a permanent position, while others just enjoy the freedom that comes with locum tenens assignments that may turn out to be a permanent arrangement.

At Onyx M.D., we challenge the traditional approach to recruiting physicians.  The days of interviewing on Friday and hiring on Monday is generally a recipe for failure and lessens the guarantee that a fit will be substantiated long term.  We believe in success and the best approach to statistical success is through a “try before you buy” approach.  Recruiting is important but retention is just as important.  We define success by both recruiting and retaining physicians.  The Onyx M.D. XVanatge Program is the most successful approach to finding the right fit. 

With the help of locum to permanent job placement services like Onyx M.D., it only takes a few minutes to find what is available in any specialty in any state.  Because many of our clients are embracing the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model for Permanent Placement, our contracted physicians benefit with enough options in each region of the country to fulfill most inquiries.  Onyx M.D. has developed a team that is capable of assisting in any type of physician placement opportunity in all regions of the U.S.


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