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Locum Tenens Jobs


Locum Tenens = Higher Retention, Lower Attrition


One of the best opportunities for a provider in search of a job opportunity is through locum tenens job assignments.  The phrase “Locum Tenen” is derived from its Latin root and is synonymous with physician work that is temporary in nature.  However, it has come to mean much more in today’s age due to our ever-evolving healthcare environment.

Traditionally, locum tenens was primarily used as a tool to eliminate gap coverage.  Unfortunately, with the physician shortage crisis, there are less and less healthcare providers available in the workforce.  As a result, both clients and providers are turning to locum tenens agencies to assist with their needs.   

For healthcare facilities, having an absent provider will not only reduce their accessibility for patients to receive quality care when they need it, but it is very costly. And at this time, the shortage in physicians makes finding the right candidate that much more challenging. 

On the other hand, when there is a short supply, it is crucial for a provider to be able to vet a job opportunity before a commitment is made, short or long term. Additionally, full-service staffing agencies, like Onyx M.D. will handle all the paperwork, credentialing, logistics, scheduling...and more.

For facilities and providers looking for permanent positions, many are turning to locum-to-permanent positions where the provider works as a locum tenens provider prior to making a long-term commitment. This type of locum tenens assignment benefits both parties, since due diligence is done primarily through a “working interview”. Onyx M.D. embraces the “try before you buy” locum tenens model as a means to permanent placement.  This ensures that the fit between provider and facility is sustainable, regardless if the job is temporary or permanent in nature.

Providers find this unique “try before you buy” approach a way to experience job opportunities in locations that might not have been considered otherwise.

When clients are looking for long-term coverage, the locum to permanent arrangement can help lower attrition rates by ensuring proper fit, lowering costs even further. Onyx M.D. clients receive an additional discount when hiring a locum-to-perm candidate. 



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