Benefits of Government Physician Jobs

Benefits of Government Locum Tenens Jobs



The Benefits and Rewards of Working Government Facilities
Whether you are a primary care physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified registered nurse anesthetist, or any other type of physician, you may wish to consider working with government healthcare facilities.  Taking on a government temporary physician job has numerous benefits.

Work-Life Balance
Working with government contracts gives you the freedom to work for a few months and then pursue other interests. There are many outpatient opportunities with little or no on-call duties. These government physician job locum tenens assignments tend to have regular schedules, which allows you to have a great work-life balance and do the extracurricular activities you enjoy. 

Job Stability

As opposed to the short term locum tenens job opportunities in the private sector, government jobs tend to be longer term. Many of them are 3 to 6 months to a year or longer. This gives you the ability to secure a long term locum tenens job with the flexibility of the locum tenens lifestyle.

Patient Populations
Working at government facilities allows you to work with a culturally diverse population of underserved individuals. Many physicians gain a great deal of satisfaction from giving back and caring for the underserved, active duty military and our nation's veterans.

For most government assignments, all you need is one active, unrestricted state license and you can work at a government facility anywhere in the country.

Wide Range of Opportunities
No matter what type of government physician job you are looking for, working in the government healthcare sector allows you to choose the type of practice, setting, and location you want to have. Whether you enjoy rural or urban settings, there are positions available at various government facilities in different locations across the country that may suit your needs. Depending on your preference, opportunities may be available at a variety of practice settings, from high-tech, state of the art government facilities to smaller, all outpatient jobs

Whether you are a physician looking for short-term or long-term locum tenens opportunities, you can reap all the benefits of working at government facilities. Take advantage of the work-life balance, a stable job, and a wide range of practice settings. Enjoy the freedom of work flexibility, and treasure great satisfaction from working with unique patient populations. You can find exactly what you are looking for and truly make a difference in the government healthcare sector.