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Locum to Permanent Staffing

Locum to Permanent staffing model is becoming a more and more popular and successful approach to finding the right healthcare provider.  As the demand for physicians and advanced practice providers grow, due to the anticipated higher utilization in lieu of enormous physician shortages, we know that rough waters are ahead.  This model allows healthcare facilities to have a trial period with the candidate and vice versa before committing long-term. During the locum tenens work, the facility has an opportunity to evaluate the work done by the physician and see if they are the right fit for the position.  At the end of the contract period with Onyx M.D., the medical facility or practice can approach the physician regarding a full-time position.

Benefits of Locum to Permanent Staffing

Lower Attrition Rates for Healthcare Facilities

Our Onyx M.D. Fusion Model for Permanent Placement is a robust business model designed to do two things well.  One, increase the probability of finding the right fit during the recruitment process.  Two, improve retention rates once a long term commitment is affirmed.

This model incorporates a “try before you buy” approach which increases your ability to experience more candidates to ensure an adequate fit, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.  High attrition means high costs.  In addition, the permanent fee is discounted significantly depending on the extent of the locum tenens assignment by cutting the permanent fee up to 50%.

Positive Workplace Environment

Clients have learned that the ability to work with a physician on a temporary basis prior to offering them a permanent contract is crucial to improving overall productivity. This "test-drive" scenario is an excellent option for the provider as well as the hiring organization and makes the transition to a new practice more seamless. It allows for both parties to willingly commit to each other, which makes for a more positive workplace environment leading to overall placement success.

 Relieves Hours of Administrative Work

The time and effort that goes into recruiting and interviewing can be both costly and extensive. Onyx M.D. takes care of all the administrative paperwork, licensing and interviews prior to presenting you with the right candidate.  This allows us to bring you the most qualified physician for your facility while saving you many hours that go into the recruitment process.