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Locum Tenens Staffing


Onyx M.D.’s specialty is our unique consultative approach to recruiting and retaining physicians and advanced practice providers.  Using Onyx M.D. to assist in either a traditional “stop gap” or temporary coverage requirements, otherwise known as locum tenens, or using the locums approach to permanent placement is our expertise.

In addition to typical locum tenens coverage needs for only temporary opportunities, Onyx M.D. utilizes the locum tenens model through our Onyx M.D. Fusion Model for Permanent Placement.  This model is a robust approach designed to increase the probability of your organization finding the right fit during the recruitment process, but also retaining healthcare providers for the long haul. This model incorporates a “try before you buy” approach which increases your ability to experience more candidates to ensure an adequate fit, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.  In addition, specific discounts are applied during the “trial period” that lower the overall recruitment costs.  Onyx M.D. defines success not just by recruiting physicians, but by lowering attrition and improving retention as well.

Physician Recruiting

Our approach to recruiting and retaining healthcare providers is based on three fundamental unified sales departments all working in a process-driven, team environment.  These departments include the recruitment, client services, and account management teams that work together to consult, drive, and measure success.


This approach is not necessarily unique in the industry, however our unified team approach and E.L.I.T.E. principles (enthusiasm, loyalty, integrity, teamwork/trust and ethics) that define our service-oriented culture makes Onyx M.D. a stand out organization from the rest.  At Onyx M.D., each designated region of the country is represented by a team member from each of the three (3) sales departments.

In our 50+ years of combined leadership experience we have found that this structure provides our clients with more thoroughly evaluated and available candidates, in the shortest amount of time.    By utilizing the Onyx M.D. “try before you buy” or otherwise referred to as the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model to Permanent Placement, we promote locum tenens coverage not only for temporary placement for stop gap coverage but as a more successful approach to find a permanent candidate with overall lower attrition rates.

In Summary

The best way for all communities, whether rural or metropolitan, to find committed physicians and providers is through the use of locum tenens.   Using locum tenes delivers both short-term (stop-gap coverage) and long-term (permanent provider) solutions for facilities in need of coverage.

There are two ways we measure success at Onyx M.D.  Firstly, by recruiting candidates that may be a right fit for your facility and community’s needs.  Secondly, by increasing retention rates which effectively lowers attrition.  Here is a quick breakdown of the two subsequent objectives that define success at Onyx M.D.: 



Providers are more willing to try an opportunity that has less committal risk. This is where the Onyx M.D. model adds value. Our recruiting department is skilled in presenting opportunities in a way that is less threatening to the providers, therefore, increasing the chances of presenting qualified physicians that would not typically consider an opportunity without a trial period.



Once candidates are presented and interviewed, a selection subsequently follows suit.  When a physician (or provider) is selected, this completes the first step toward success or what we call the recruiting process.  Recruiting by itself is not success.  Retention or low attrition is required and is the second step necessary for success.  The “try before you buy,” otherwise known as the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model to Permanent Placement will allow proper vetting by both parties before a long term commitment is finalized.  Also, it is not uncommon for a provider to consider a long-term opportunity once they have worked in a stop-gap capacity (temporary-only situation).  In fact, many of our long-term commitments come from physicians and providers that were not originally thinking long-term prior to an assignment.