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Physician Recruiting


Physician recruiting has become more important as clinics, hospitals and private practices look for talented help in a small pool of doctors. Rural communities have had difficulties filling full-time positions as more and more doctors look for opportunities in larger cities first. Oftentimes, medical facilities in rural areas pay more and offer better benefits than their counterparts in large cities to attract doctors. Coupled with a lower cost of living, rural medical positions can be much more lucrative than positions in major cities, even for locum tenens work.

Physician Recruiting and Locum Tenens Opportunities

One of the best ways for rural communities to find full-time physicians is through the use of locum tenens opportunities. The clinic or hospital works with a firm providing physician recruiting services, such as Onyx M.D., and hires a physician for a short-term job lasting from a couple of weeks to six months. During the locum tenens work, the facility has an opportunity to evaluate the work done by the doctor and to show the doctor how much he is needed in the area. The doctor should feel accepted, appreciated and wanted by all of the staff members.

At the end of the contract period with the recruitment firm, the medical facility can approach the doctor regarding a full-time position. The physician should not feel any pressure as the contract has been fulfilled and he is free to move on to another position if he chooses. If the clinic or hospital still needs help, a new physician recruit can be brought in from the recruitment firm.


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