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What to Expect


STEP 1: Submit your search request for a locum tenens provider online or email your submission to

STEP 2: An ONYX M.D. client sales representative will contact you over the phone to identify your specific assignment requirements, i.e. length of assignment, type of coverage needed, specialty, etc.

STEP 3: Your ONYX M.D. clients sales representative will provide you with the ONYX M.D. Standard Agreement, outlining general terms & provisions.

STEP 4: Once receiving the signed agreement back, an ONYX M.D. account manager will contact you and begin to source candidates on your behalf that fit the requirements that you set forth.

STEP 5: When qualified candidates have been located for you, the account manager will present a provider summary to you, which includes malpractice & background information, skills capabilities, licenses, etc., along with a copy of their CV. CV's are not submitted to you until a provider has agreed to having their information presented over for consideration.

STEP 6: We request communication back to us within 48 hours, once a candidate has been presented to a client.

STEP 7: Once a provider has been accepted by you to provide locum tenens coverage, we will send you a confirmation letter with details specific to the provider & the particular assignment. ONYX M.D. can then begin working on travel arrangements, malpractice insurance approval, privileging and/or licensing if needed. We will also send you a weekly invoice throughout the duration of the assignment.


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