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Onyx M.D. and our physician leadership team understands what it means to lack physician coverage.  We’ve been there! 


Physicians are not only key drivers of diagnostic and treatment directives for their patients but they are also the economic engine behind the roughly 2.5 trillion dollar Healthcare Industry.  With healthcare utilization expected to sky rocket with the onset of Obama Care and our biggest users of healthcare, the elderly population rising steadfast, physicians will be in high demand throughout most specialties.  The annual opportunity costs of just one key physician could reach millions of dollars of revenue lost to an organization.   


"Onyx M.D. has provided excellent service in providing quality physician's to fill our Hospitalist program needs.  Onyx M.D. is responsive, professional and works with the client to fully understand the needs of the facility.  Thanks to the staff at Onyx M.D. for providing for our physician staffing needs and a job well done!"- Practice Manager 2012 (Alabama)

Partnering with Onyx M.D. means that your chances of successfully recruiting and retaining a healthcare provider will be optimized.  It is that simple!  Here’s what to expect...


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