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Why Onyx M.D.?


Onyx M.D. is a leader in locum tenens and permanent placement staffing for physicians and advanced practice providers.  Hospitals and other forms of healthcare delivery systems across the country have responded by becoming increasingly reliant on temporary staffing solutions as both a means to fulfill stop gap coverage and finding a permanent fit. Onyx M.D. was formed to respond to this growing demand and change the industry trend of commoditization of physicians and advanced practitioners.  With healthcare utilization rising at unmatched levels and the onset of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, the physician shortage will only exacerbate, causing extreme imbalance between the demand for services and actual physician workforce supply.

Most recently, the company was presented with the Best of Staffing Client Award, for the fifth year in a row!


Founded by a Unique Physician 

Onyx M.D. was founded by a physician with a proven track record of building and operating healthcare practices as well as practice management entities. This gives Onyx M.D. a unique perspective of the challenges our clients face in finding AND retaining quality healthcare providers.  On the other hand, physician leadership means Onyx M.D. is the company with a strong focus on the physician perspective which is too often neglected in the healthcare debate.  Physicians often align with organizations that have their best interest at heart -- We Are That Organization.


The Onyx M.D. Difference


 1. Established credibility.  Onyx M.D. is one of the only locum tenens staffing firms founded by a physician with established credibility and a strong understanding of both the provider and client perspectives. 

If you’re a provider, this means you’re partnering with a company whose leadership has walked the walk.  We understand your career needs and aspirations.  And it just gets better from there.

If you’re a healthcare facility, it means you’re working with a company with an exceptional physician-to-physician network.  We recruit and present only the most qualified candidates…and we do it quickly…making it easier for your healthcare facility to provide real continuity of care to your communities.


 2. Privately held.  Much of the industry competition is publicly held.  Although there are benefits to being publicly held, we believe that true service cannot be met to the fullest potential with the constraints of the public parameters.  Click here to learn why remaining private matters to our service commitments. Private vs. Public Companies


  3. Business model & culture.  Onyx M.D. operates four departments to fulfill its service commitment and E.L.I.T.E. brand. They include client, recruiting, account management and operations departments.  This creates an environment of accountability and team focus as well as a culture defined by our mission and principles. In fact, our strong service oriented culture was recognized in the third edition of Top Grading by Brad Smart.

Read more about our case study:  “U.S. Physician Staffing Company Onyx M.D. Makes Bold Decision to Restructure”


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