Employee Driven Charitable Program



In January 2013, Onyx M.D. launched S.C.O.P.E., an employee-directed outreach program that supports local charities and promotes community involvement. The program is designed to incorporate monthly outreach efforts including internal fundraising events, in-kind donation drives, monetary donations, and adopting Tree Angels during the holidays. Onyx M.D. employees have an opportunity to submit a charity of their liking for consideration. 

S.C.O.P.E., an acronym that stands for “Service, Community, Outreach, Purpose, Excellence,” embraces the company’s strong culture by allowing employees to have input on their community efforts. CEO, Robert Moghim, M.D., states, "Our culture at Onyx M.D. is powerful because of our employees and their commitment to a principled approach to service. We wanted to extend our company culture and build an outreach program to help make a difference in the community.”

In addition to the 12 children’s charities that receive a monetary donation, S.C.O.P.E. also helps support various foundations through “in-kind” donation drives. The employees of Onyx M.D. are encouraged to share ideas on how the company can help support their favorite charity. Each and every request will be reviewed by the leadership team to decide on the best way to help support the cause. “A strong community is the foundation for a stronger future,” says Moghim.



S.C.O.P.E. has donate OVER $38,000!

We are looking forward to another great year of giving in 2019!


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