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Quick Terminology Guide

1.  Onyx M.D. mission statement 

Onyx M.D. is committed to delivering Elite, Professional and Memorable (E.P.M) medical placement experiences… again and again.

2.  E.L.I.T.E Principled Approach to Service

E.L.I.T.E. is an acronym.  It stands for our core values:  Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork and Ethics.

3.  What does a Physician-Centric Organization mean?

Since our firm was founded by a physician, Onyx M.D. is committed to a physician centric value proposition.  This means we do not believe in the commoditization of physicians that has plagued this industry since the late 1980s.  We have combatted this by applying a company infrastructure more conducive to a consultative service versus an “order taking” approach.  This allows the physician workforce to connect more closely with Onyx M.D. while adding significant value to their placement experience.  This physician centric focus is the key to placement success.  With enormous physician shortages currently and no end in sight, it makes proper sense to listen to our physician stakeholders.  Physicians tend to gravitate toward those organizations with their best interest at heart especially during an era when physician morale is at an all time low.  We are that organization!

4.  What is an Onyx M.D. Client?

An Onyx M.D. client is any healthcare facility or practice in need of physicians and advance practice providers that utilize our services to help guide their recruitment and retention strategy.  An Onyx M.D. client may include, but is not limited to, major healthcare organizations/networks, physician practices, practice management organizations, and various government entities (local, state or federal).  Clients contract with Onyx M.D. to provide staffing services.  Contact us to learn why Onyx M.D. clients continue to use us for their locum tenens needs. 

5.  What is an Onyx M.D. Healthcare Provider?

An Onyx M.D. healthcare provider includes any physician and/or advance practice provider specialty.  Onyx M.D. healthcare providers are 1099 contractors and not employees.  There is no fee charged to providers who are placed with an Onyx M.D. client whether it be for locum tenens, locum to permanent, or permanent placement opportunity.  All logistics including malpractice, credentialing, travel and lodging is free to the provider.  Please contact us to learn why over 1,000 physicians have been successfully placed for over 60,000 days of coverage!

6. What is the Onyx M.D. S.C.O.P.E. Outreach Program?

The charity program, called S.C.O.P.E., is an employee-directed outreach program that supports local charities and promotes community involvement.  Each year the program donates to 12 different charities/causes (1 per month) that are all submitted by the employees of Onyx M.D.

S.C.O.P.E. is an acronym that stands for "Service, Community, Outreach, Purpose, and Excellence".

7.  Onyx M.D. client programs

  • XVantage Program

Onyx M.D. XVantage program is an industry unique program designed to help our clients lower overall recruiting costs when working with Onyx M.D.  These are specific discounts that are automatically applied at various milestones. 


  • Onyx M.D.  Fusion Model to Permanent Placement

Onyx M.D. Fusion Model to Permanent Placement is our proven approach to fulfilling a long term permanent fit.  Clients looking for permanent candidates are introduced to the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model to improve recruiting and retention success.  This approach utilizes a “try before you buy” or commonly referred as "locum-to-permanent" model that is meant to ensure “fit” before a long term commitment is established.  Discounts can reach up to 50% off actual costs for this option which is unmatched in the industry.


To learn more about the XVantage program or Fusion Model, please contact us and an Onyx M.D. Client Rep will walk you through the benefits of the program.

8.  Why is Onyx M.D. unique?

Since Onyx M.D. was founded by a physician with established credibility and strong understanding of the “ground floor” healthcare perspective.  There is no doubt that the most successful companies spanning any industry, whether it is investment banking, technology, or energy, are often led by those with a real ground floor perspective.  Onyx M.D. is the only company with this level of perspective making us the most unique in our industry.

Onyx M.D. operates four departments to fulfill its service commitment and E.L.I.T.E. brand. They include a client, recruiting, account manager and operations departments.  This creates an environment of accountability and team focus as well as a culture defined by our mission and principles.

Other differentiators include: privately held, 24/7 service, regionalized focus covering all 50 states and over 50+ years of combined leadership experience.

9.  Onyx M.D. Brand Identity

Founded in 2005, Onyx M.D., a division of Cincinnati-based Health Carousel LLC, is one of the leading privately-held healthcare staffing companies in the nation. With corporate offices in Denver and Dallas, the firm focuses on the placement of physicians and advanced practice clinicians of all specialties in locum tenens (temporary assignments) and permanent positions throughout the United States. The company was founded by a unique physician with a proven track record of building and operating healthcare practices as well as practice management entities. This gives Onyx M.D. an established credibility and a strong understanding of both the provider and client perspectives. Providing ELITE service is not just written in our mission statement, it is the cornerstone of our identity.

View the Onyx M.D. Style Guide for more details about logo usage and brand standards.