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Press Release: U.S. Physician Staffing Company Onyx M.D. Makes a Bold Decision to Restructure

U.S. Physician Staffing Company Onyx M.D. Makes a Bold Decision to Restructure
Business Case Study Shows Dramatic Results

Onyx M.D. Implements Topgrading Methods, Achieves Record Sales After 100% Turnover

Onyx M.D. Implements Topgrading Methods, Achieves Record Sales After 100% Turnover

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - August 16, 2012) -  With production and company culture going in the wrong direction, Dr. Robert Moghim, CEO of Onyx M.D., recognized that the company needed a change and needed it fast. The organization culture was flawed and the chance of becoming a premier physician staffing firm was out of reach.

As a practicing physician, Moghim knew he was entering the physician staffing industry with a considerable advantage. His knowledge and first-hand experience would allow him to give his team the proper tools to be successful. He went on to hire what he thought was the right personnel at the time and things were looking good for Onyx M.D.

In 2009, after 4 years of little progress, Moghim realized his goal for Onyx M.D. to become one of the nation's top physician staffing firms was moving further and further out of sight. These were not your typical growing pains many young companies experience. It was sink or swim for Onyx M.D. and Moghim had to make a bold decision to get the company back on track.

As an avid reader of best practices, the committed CEO was enlightened after reading Topgrading, one of the premier books on business success through strategic hiring and talent development. As he studied the methods, he knew this was the answer to building a strong culture for Onyx M.D. Topgrading methods are focused on building a workforce that consists of 75% (preferably 90%) high performers, referred to as A players, in all levels of the company. Although he was aware of the turmoil and frustration often accompanying drastic change, Moghim was confident in his decision and moved forward with the restructuring.

In 2010, the team planned an aggressive Topgrading rollout, resulting in 100% turnover. During the beginning stages, the executive team discovered that the company was made up of largely C players. These types of players are considered bottlenecks and can slow the growth of a company, tremendously. "The Topgrading principles helped us to quickly identify that significant personnel changes were necessary to correct a negative trend in our business," Moghim explains.

"Once we had our A player executive team in place, we moved through the rest of the organization, replacing a team of mostly Cs with As. Now we are beginning to see some amazing results and are on track to become one of the top players in physician staffing in the next 2 to 3 years," says Jamal Pilger, COO.

Jim Chandler, CFO and Executive V.P., notes that for key client accounts, "The average monthly revenue increased by 193% in this short-time in large part due to the people touching the account."

Case Study Results:

  • Improved from 10% to 90% of people hired in the total company turned out to be A players with Topgrading.
  • New team of A players produce consistent growth above budget and achieve back-to-back record sales months in 2012.

The Onyx M.D. case study is available online at and will also be published in the 3rd Edition Topgrading book in bookstores August, 16th, 2012.

"The Topgrading process has been essential to our success," says Moghim. "By hiring the best in our industry, we have been able to establish the foundation required to stabilize and accelerate company growth through high performing teams."


About Onyx M.D.
Onyx Healthcare, LLC (d.b.a. Onyx M.D.) is a privately held physician staffing company with offices in Denver, Chicago, and Dallas. In 2011, the company placed medical providers with 40 different medical specialties throughout all 50 states. As one of the only physician run organizations in the medical services industry, the company was founded by a physician, CEO Dr. Robert Moghim, for physicians. Visit for more information about Onyx M.D. 


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