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Advantages of working as a locums CRNA

Advantages of working as a locums CRNA

With elective procedures starting to resume, CRNAs are going to be in high demand in the locum tenens industry. Facilities will need extra help balancing a backlog of patients who were unable to receive their elective surgery when hospitals closed to save beds for COVID-19 patients.

There are many advantages to working as a locum tenens CRNA including building skills, earning a higher salary, and choosing from opportunities across the country.

Locums CRNA Advantages

Building Your Skill Set

As a locum tenens CRNA, you have the opportunity to gain experience in new work environments with different communities and a variety of ailments to treat. You can grow professionally from taking assignments with communities you have less experience working with, such as the Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Services, or Department of Corrections. Building your skillset while working with different patient communities will make you more desirable to employers and will set you up for a successful career.


Choosing Where You Want to Go

Working as a locum tenens provider means having the freedom to choose where you would like to work. You can choose to travel to different states or find something closer to home.  You also have the flexibility to choose a schedule that fits your work-life balance. Your recruiter will discuss location and schedule preferences and work with you to find assignments that fit your needs. 


Increasing Your Salary

As a locums CRNA, you have the chance to earn a higher salary than permanent providers. This is especially true if you accept assignments where there is a shortage of healthcare providers like in rural communities. Even if you don’t work in a rural area, pay rates for locum tenens providers are typically higher than permanent staff because locums are stepping in to fill an urgent need at the facility.


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